This City is Known as the Best Foodie City in North Carolina

You’re one of 340 million people in the US who eat food sometimes. That’s great! Check out this new study from WalletHub. Personal finance website WalletHub has ranked over 180 of the most populous places in the United States in order of “foodie-friendliness” based on a wide range of factors including ease of access, variety, and quality. Every city was also rated on how cheap its groceries and restaurants were overall. The result is a list of not only the tastiest but also the cheapest “Foodie Cities in America.”

Charleston, South Carolina, came in first place, which didn’t come as a surprise. However, the Southern food hub was ranked 30th in the country as a whole, a long way behind Richmond, Virginia (15) and Atlanta (12). It lost points in the “affordability” area and was ranked 113th. Charlotte, North Carolina, was ranked third in the country, after Salt Lake City and Louisville, Kentucky.

It may come as a surprise that Orlando, Florida, is at the top of the national list. It scored high on accessibility, variety, and quality thanks to its many well-reviewed restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, and specialty food stores. The city did not do so well in terms of affordability, though. It ranked 108th out of 182 places that were looked at, which brought its weighted average score down to 69.38 out of 100.

Still, Orlando’s score was higher than those of other food-friendly places like Portland, Oregon (68.19), Sacramento (67.62), Miami (66.92), and San Francisco (66.03). WalletHub’s list of the top 10 “Foodie Cities” was completed by Tampa, San Diego, Las Vegas, Austin, and Seattle.

Ranking City Score
1 Orlando, Florida 69.38
2 Portland, Oregon 68.19
3 Sacramento, California 67.62
4 Miami, Florida 66.92
5 San Francisco, California 66.03
6 Tampa, Florida 64.84
7 San Diego, California 63.90
8 Las Vegas, Nevada 63.66
9 Austin, Texas 63.27
10 Seattle, Washington 62.17

In contrast, cities near the bottom of the rankings did badly in almost every category. Pearl City, Hawaii, got a weighted average score of 25.24, which put it at the bottom of the list and out of the top 183 cities ranked for affordability. It also got a score of 178 for accessibility, variety, and quality.

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