This City Has Just Named the Seventh Best Big City in the United States

A lot of different categories are there, and fans vote on everything. Almost two million people did that! Still, we don’t agree with their choice to rank New York City seventh among “Best Big Cities in the U.S.” There was a category for “Best Small Cities,” as well as ones for “Best Hotels,” “Best Airlines,” “Best Spa Resorts,” and just about anything else that had to do with travel.

What they said is below:

New York City #7

It seems like everyone in New York City is always on the go, and most of them probably are. Every block is full of people moving, making things, and enjoying life. After you’ve seen a few world-class museums (the Met or the Guggenheim are must-sees), eat like a local by getting soup dumplings in Chinatown, pizza in Greenwich Village, and steak frites in Soho. Then, walk off your food on the High Line or have a picnic in Bryant Park. There are, of course, four areas besides Manhattan that also deserve love. Take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get a drink at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, or go to Long Island City for the day to visit MoMa PS1. In this town, there is no bad way to spend a day in any season.

Who came in first place? You jerk, Chicago! This is the seventh year in a row!

But you know what they say: seventh is the worst, first is the best, and so on. Okay, we did our best.

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