This City Has Been Named As the Most Educated City in Virginia

Arlington, Virginia, is now ranked No. 1 on Forbes Advisor’s list of “The Most Educated Cities in the U.S.” The District is now ranked No. 3. The scores look at things like racial differences and the number of people who dropped out of high school along with college degrees. It was also easier for women to get an education in cities that scored higher.

Forbes Advisor said that among people aged 25 and up who live in Arlington, over 76% have completed their bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree is held by almost 42% of the people there. Arlington does get points for having a big race gap in bachelor’s degree completions—10.5% of degree holders are not white. There are only 4.65% high school dropouts in Arlington, which is the third-lowest rate of any city on the list.

Furthermore, a lot of people in D.C. have completed college. About 63% of adults aged 25 and up have a bachelor’s degree, and almost 38% have a graduate degree. The District also has a big racial gap in school attainment, which is worse than Arlington. White people are nearly 30% more likely than other residents to have a bachelor’s degree. D.C. has the third-highest rate of high school dropouts (7.24%), out of the top 10 towns.

Atlanta comes in at No. 2. The last two places on the list are Austin, Texas, and Madison, Wisconsin. The National Center for Educational Statistics says that 51% of U.S. people had a college degree in 2021, up from 42% in 2010. You can find Forbes Advisor’s full scores online, along with more information on the cost of college and educational attainment by gender.

What the Most Educated City Survey Says

It turns out that more than 76% of people who live in Arlington have a Bachelor’s degree and more than 41% have a graduate degree. Statistics for both of these are based on people aged 25 and up.

In addition, only 4.65% of its 18-year-olds have dropped out of high school. It looks like most families there want their kids to go to college. That’s good news for the city’s and the state’s economies. Also, Washington, D.C., which is close to Arlington, is the third most educated place in the United States.

What Means Educated City?

There are 235,764 people living in Arlington. Surveys show that its population has grown by 16.2% since 2020. Sources also says that the typical income for people living in Arlington is an amazing $128,145 per person. Because people make a lot of money and go to school, the jobless rate is only 4%.

That makes it one of the best places to live in the United States. One example is that most houses in the city are worth more than $750,000. Arlington is right across the river from Washington, D.C. It is home to the Pentagon and the Arlington House Memorial. In the end, it looks like Arlington, VA is a very smart and rich city. Companies that make and sell market goods and services probably want to sell their goods there a lot.


Arlington, Virginia, has been ranked No. 1 on Forbes Advisor’s list of “The Most Educated Cities in the U.S.” The city has over 76% of people aged 25 and up with a bachelor’s degree and 42% with a graduate degree. However, it has a significant race gap in bachelor’s degree completions, with 10.5% of degree holders being non-white. D.C. has the third-lowest rate of high school dropouts. Arlington’s population has grown by 16.2% since 2020, and its high income makes it a desirable city.

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