This Aboveground Cave Hiking Near Kansas City Will Give You Different Experiences

It seems like Kansas City is a great spot to meet new people, network, and get out there. There are, however, many of us who would rather stay home or just go to Swope Park than go on trips to nearby outdoor areas. Even though Swope is very big, you might have more fun discovering a place that isn’t crowded with other people. No matter the weather, this cave and its crumbling ruins above ground are a great reason to leave the house. Check it out! Thanks for coming to Cave Spring Park and the Cave Springs Trail.

Many paths lead through the park, which is also known as William M. Klein Park. The Cave Springs Trail is a popular choice during the warmer months for a reason you’ll soon understand. First, keep in mind that this place is full of history.

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Native American groups like the Kansa, Osage, and Fox also used the area. It is part of the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California Trails. Arrowheads and carved stones from as early as 7,000 B.C. have been found in the area. Native American groups used the spring to get water, but now the park is a great place to hike, take pictures, and explore.

This used to be a good place to stop and camp because the water was slowly running through it, but now people just come to see the views. Still, it’s important to keep this area clean for the wildlife that lives nearby. The cave is, without a doubt, everyone’s favorite place here. The small hole in the rock has a long past and has been there for a long time. There are the remains of homes that used to be close to the cave. A lot of chimneys are still standing, even though the houses that were there before are long gone.

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The adventure of hiking this one-mile trail is well worth it, and you can learn about the past along the way. Why not spend the day in Raytown and be in the great outdoors? Interesting fact: this land was owned by Harry Truman’s grandpa in the 1870s! Since then, the park area has been owned by different people. In 1975, it was finally given to Jackson County. The Cave Springs Association takes care of the park these days, with help from several scout groups and the Raytown Garden Club.

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