Home News Thirty-three people displaced in Newburgh fire (VIDEO)

Thirty-three people displaced in Newburgh fire (VIDEO)

Thirty-three people displaced in Newburgh fire (VIDEO)

NEW BURGH A fire that broke out in the City of Newburgh on Sunday night caused the displacement of 33 individuals, including three infants. Minor burn injuries were reported by three additional individuals engaged in the initial building fire.

The fire started around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday and was extinguished with overhaul at 12:45 a.m., according to city officials on Monday. On Monday, firefighters stayed till seven in the morning.

Firefighters discovered a burning, abandoned three-story structure at 36 Lutheran Street when they got on the site, according to the authorities. The building’s rear was affected by the fire, which also spread to the two nearby buildings on either side.

When the fire broke out at four in the evening, local fire departments responded by mutual aid, sending personnel to battle the blaze that rose up into the night sky and was visible to people living in the City of Beacon across the Hudson River.

The fire’s cause is still being looked into by the Orange County and City of Newburgh fire investigation teams as well as the Newburgh Police.

While on the scene on Sunday night, Mayor Torrance Harvey stated that it was conceivable that squatters were living in the structure.

To help individuals who had been forced to flee the fire, the Red Cross was called in.

Lutheran Street, Newburgh fire (photo: Bob McCormick)

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