These Two Florida's Creepiest Places Can Haunt Your Dreams So Much

Just so you know, some of the stories below are not for the weak. Here are the scariest places in Florida right now. First, we’ll show you a picture of the state to give you a general idea of where each place is. Then, you can read about why each place is said to be so haunted or creepy. Tell us which site you’d most like to see at the end.

The Creepiest Places in Florida

Castillo de San Marcos – St. Augustine

Of course, St. Augustine is at the top of most lists of spooky or creepy places to visit in Florida. Let’s talk about Castillo de San Marcos, a famous old military fortress that was the site of some famous fights. Some say the fort from the 1600s is still guarded by the ghosts of Spanish troops who died there.

Some say there is a light in one of the watchtowers that doesn’t have power going to it. There is also a scary story about a Spanish soldier who stands at the edge of the fort and looks out to sea right before the sun rises or sets. The basement is another place where many people have said they felt cold hands touch them. A website called ghostsandgraves says that some people who walked through say they just felt cold in general.

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People who have been to the fort say they have taken videos and pictures of glowing orbs, misty shapes, and even shapes that look like people. There are many reasons why people who are interested in the supernatural and paranormal go to Castillo de San Marcos, and all of them will make your skin crawl.

Flagler College – St. Augustine

Wow, Flagler College has a lot going on (if you believe in such things, of course). Ponce de Leon Hall is said to be home to three ghosts: Henry Flagler, Flagler’s second wife Ida Alicia, and Flagler’s lover, who is only known as “a woman in black.” Just so you know, Flagler College is built around the old Ponce de Leon Hotel, which is now called Ponce de Leon Hall.

In short, this is what hauntedhouses say: Henry Flagler really liked his hotel. He fell in his home and died in Palm Beach in January 1913. The rotunda of the building was where Flagler’s body was laid to rest. All the doors locked quickly when it was time to carry him out. Many people think Flagler’s spirit is still at Ponce de Leon, even though his body was buried at a nearby tomb.

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There is a different version of this story that says Flagler got stuck in the dome. It’s common for hotel owners or leaders to “stay” at or visit the places they love, maybe to keep an eye on things. So maybe everything makes sense. Some people think that Ida Alicia may have been manic or that she may have had bipolar disease. “(Sometimes), people with (mental health problems) sometimes have a hard time letting go of this earth and passing through the light to the other side,” said Haunted Houses.

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