These Crimes Affected Middle Tennessee Big Cities the Most

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee is now home to This week, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) released its yearly “Crime in Tennessee” report. It lists over 54 specific crimes that happened in towns across the state.

Through the Tennessee Incident-Based Reporting System (TIBRS), hundreds of police departments and colleges are required to send the TBI monthly crime numbers that are used in the report.

From 2021 to 2022, murder, rape, and kidnapping cases dropped by more than 10% across the state. There was also a sharp drop in DUI charges. The number of people who were blackmailed, name stolen, or both went up last year.

In its report, the TBI also breaks down the number of crimes that were reported in each police jurisdiction. For example, many cities have high amounts of theft and simple assault reports. Other crimes, on the other hand, were worse in some places. Here are some crime numbers from three of Middle Tennessee’s biggest towns from last year.


There were 679,562 people served by the Metro Nashville Police Department last year, and they looked into 70,363 Group A crimes. Group A crimes include murder, assault, robbery, drug charges, cruelty to animals, sex crimes, and more.

For those cases, the TBI says that only about 24.8% were solved by an arrest. Simple assault and theft were the most common crimes in Nashville last year. Police were called to 10,562 cases of simple assault and cleared 5,948 of them.

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In 2022, there were almost 20,000 reports of thefts in the city, with 7,732 cases of theft from a motor vehicle. The report from the TBI says that only 179 reported car thefts were solved last year.

Both vandalism and aggravated attack were reported more than 6,000 times, which is a lot. Ten years after the first murder in Nashville in 2021, only 94 were reported by the end of 2022. A lot of killings were solved last year when the killers were caught.

Like other cities across the state, Nashville saw a rise in extortion and blackmail crimes from 190 in 2021 to 243 in 2022. But DUI charges went up by about 10% in the city, while they went down across the state.


There were 12,877 Group A crimes reported in Murfreesboro, which had 161,810 people living in it in 2022. The TBI said that the cops solved about 27% of those crimes. Again, the most common crimes in Murfreesboro were simple attacks and theft. Based on the TBI’s report, there were 2,661 reports of simple attacks, and 537 of them were cleared by the police. There were almost 3,000 reports of thefts.

But stealing was the biggest problem in Murfreesboro, where 1,081 people were caught. The cops were only able to clear up 170 cases of shoplifting. There were also a lot of reports of theft, damage, and harassment in Murfreesboro last year—more than 800 reports of each.

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About 69% of crimes of intimidation were linked to domestic violence. Around nine murders were reported in Murfreesboro by the end of 2022. That’s one more than the eight murders recorded in 2021. After arresting two of those killers last year, cops were able to clear them.

A small rise in recorded murders was the only difference between the city and the rest of the state. Threats of violence and threats went up by almost 125% in 2022. In Murfreesboro, however, the number of DUI arrests went down from 705 in 2021 to 507 in 2022.

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