These are the Most Underrated Cities in The United States

Most likely, if you’ve traveled around the US a bit, you’ve been to big cities like New York and Los Angeles. But the country is very big and has many wonderful places that are just ready to be found. “Which American city is criminally underrated in your opinion and why?” asked Reddit user u/stevie855. This is how Americans answered.

Taos, New Mexico

Not only is the state as a whole overlooked, but so is Taos and the high desert that surrounds it. The food is great, the culture and past are interesting, and the scenery is stunning. When you see this, you’ll understand why people call it “The Land of Enchantment.”

Twin Cities, Minnesota

“Minneapolis-St. Paul has a great Irish music scene, great restaurants, and a great arts and culture program.” The cost of living or visiting isn’t too high, and it’s close to some famous tourist spots, like Chicago. It’s cozy and fun even in the winter.

Traverse City, Michigan

On Michigan’s Great Lakes, there are a lot of beautiful beach towns. The Great Lakes are so big that they act like small seas. In the summer, the water is warm and the waves are big enough to surf. Since Traverse City is on a bay in Lake Michigan, it’s even warmer there. Because of the unique weather, grapes grow well there, and there are a lot of wineries and breweries in general. It’s one of my favorite vacation spots.

Boise, Idaho

Just about everyone I tell says, “Really, what the heck is in Idaho?” when I say I love going there. Okay, I can tell you that this state has hot springs, rivers, lakes, ponds, mountains, and the beautiful Craters of the Moon National Monument. I’m sure I can say that Boise is now my favorite state capital.

St. Augustine, Florida

Before I went, I didn’t know what to expect, but St. Augustine was a really cute city. There is a lot of interesting past, like Ponce de León, pirates, and the Spanish rule. Also, I had some of the best fish I’ve ever had. Plus, it wasn’t too busy because most tourists go to beaches like Destin, Seaside, or others nearby. You could walk around at night, and it was very quiet.

Montpelier, Vermont

This place really captures the look of a cute little town. The state capital of Montpelier has the fewest people of any in the country, but it has a fairly active arts and music scene. Since the New England Culinary Institute is there, there is a lot of great food to choose from. Since it’s in New England, it’s obviously beautiful in the fall. In the winter, people like to ski, sled, fish, and climb on the ice.

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