These 4 U.S. Cities are Experiencing The Highest Paranormal Activities

There is a lot of mysterious history in America. A lot of people are interested in paranormal tourism. There is Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, the infamous Mothman in West Virginia, and the spooky streets of New Orleans. This kind of travel isn’t just for Halloween either.

In fact, between 36% and 41% of people in the US think ghosts exist. There are scary places all over the United States for people who like things that go bump in the night, like museums, festivals, ghost walks, and hotels that people say are haunted.

“The thought of staying in a haunted hotel may be unsettling for some,” says Bella Bucchiotti, a travel writer for xoxoBella. As a solo tourist, it gave me a chance to face the unknown and make my trip more exciting. It was hard for me to sleep because of the sounds of the hallway and stairs creaking. I was thrilled that I could go back in time and have a one-of-a-kind trip experience in a historic hotel.

And just in time for Halloween, the most famous “witching hour” in the United States, Lawn Love’s latest study shows the places where people are most likely to have a supernatural experience.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has the most haunted places of any big city in the U.S., making it the most paranormal city in the country. Guests and workers at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel talk about seeing ghosts of movie stars. The creepy Cecil Hotel was featured on the Travel Channel’s popular show Ghost Adventures because of its dark history.

New York City, New York

The Big Apple has the second most graves, with over one hundred. The state’s official Haunted History Trail is also a great place for ghost hunters to visit. It has stories about strange things that happen in the dark.

Chicago, Illinois

The Congress Plaza Hotel in downtown has been around since 1893, and Al Capone may still be there. The Lincoln Park Zoo was built on top of a graveyard, and for decades, people have said they have seen ghosts there.

San Diego, California

The Whaley House, which is said to be “America’s most haunted house,” is in San Diego. San Diego has been named the U.S. city with the most ghost sightings. People who want to be scared can go on one of the city’s private ghost walks in downtown San Diego.

“San Diego has its share of ghost stories,” writes Jenn Coleman of Coleman Concierge. “There are stories about strange millionaires who spent their money to talk to the dead, and there are rumors about the poor souls that Wyatt Earp shot dead in the old red-light district.”

“San Diego Ghost Tours took us on a scary ride to the place where these things happened.” Not only did we learn about the past, but we also had access to places where it happened that no one else had, even after hours and into buildings that were closed,” says Coleman.

The Hotel del Coronado on the beach has daily ghost tours where real stories of ghosts that have never left are told. There’s no reason anyone would ever want to leave the lodge with views like those, not even in the afterlife.

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