The Texas City Police Department May Have to Ask for Pronouns And Gender Identity

KOMO News reported that a major police department in Texas is apparently thinking about a plan that would change how officers interact with LGBTQ people.

The plan would require El Paso Police Department (EPPD) officers to always ask for and use a person’s chosen name, gender identity, and pronouns, according to the news source. The El Paso City Council met on Tuesday to talk about the plan and decided to put it off until January.

The crisis at the southern border has severely impacted El Paso. They declared a state of emergency after Title 42, a Trump administration order to send migrants back to their home countries, was lifted.

For “gender-diverse individuals,” two officers would have to be present at all times, and the person would be able to “express a preference of officer gender for searches,” according to KOMO. It would be against the rules for officers to take “appearance-related items.”

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KOMO says that police should also transfer and house LGBTQ people who are in their custody by themselves. When officers move LGBTQ people, they need to let other people know that the person is LGBTQ.

The main legal office of the EPPD would also have to come up with quarterly reports on “biased-based policing allegations,” according to KOMO. The people would be able to get the reports. The Daily Caller News Foundation asked EPPD and El Paso’s city council for comment, but they did not reply right away.

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