The Story Behind This Haunted School in Vermont is Terrifying

Vermont is a state with a rich history and a reputation for being haunted by ghosts and spirits. Some of the most terrifying places in Vermont are old schools that have witnessed tragic events, mysterious deaths, and paranormal phenomena. One of these schools is the Vermont Police Academy in Pittsford, which was once a state hospital for tuberculosis patients.

The History of the Vermont Police Academy

The Vermont Police Academy, located on Academy Road in Pittsford, was built in 1894 as the Vermont State Sanatorium, a hospital for people suffering from tuberculosis, also known as consumption or the white plague. At the time, tuberculosis was a deadly and contagious disease that had no cure. The sanatorium was designed to provide fresh air, rest, and isolation for the patients, who were mostly poor and immigrant workers from the nearby marble quarries.

The sanatorium had a capacity of 120 beds, but often housed more than 200 patients. Many of them died in the hospital, and some were buried in unmarked graves on the grounds. The hospital also had a crematorium, where the bodies of the deceased were burned to prevent the spread of the disease. The hospital operated until 1957, when it was closed due to the development of antibiotics and the decline of tuberculosis cases.

In 1968, the state of Vermont purchased the property and converted it into the Vermont Police Academy, a training facility for law enforcement officers. The academy still uses some of the original buildings of the sanatorium, such as the main administration building, the nurses’ quarters, and the chapel. The academy also has a museum that displays artifacts and memorabilia from the sanatorium era.

The Haunting of the Vermont Police Academy

Ever since the Vermont Police Academy opened, there have been reports of strange and unexplained occurrences in the buildings and on the grounds. Many people believe that the academy is haunted by the ghosts of the former tuberculosis patients and staff, who still linger in the place where they suffered and died.

One of the most famous ghosts is Mary, a nurse who worked at the sanatorium and contracted tuberculosis herself. She died in the hospital, but her spirit never left. She is said to still roam the halls of the academy, especially the third floor of the main building, where the patients’ rooms were located. Many recruits and staff have heard their names whispered in their ears, felt cold spots, and seen shadowy figures in the corridors. Some have even seen Mary’s apparition, dressed in a white nurse’s uniform, carrying a clipboard and a thermometer.

Another ghost is Patrick Marsh, a young boy who died of tuberculosis in the sanatorium. He is said to haunt the chapel, where he used to play the organ. He likes to hide and return people’s belongings, and also messes with the TVs and lights. He is also blamed for ringing the bell in the tower, which was used to signal the death of a patient.

Other paranormal phenomena reported at the academy include doors opening and closing by themselves, footsteps and voices heard in empty rooms, objects moving or disappearing, and a feeling of being watched or followed. Some people have also experienced physical contact, such as being touched, pushed, or scratched by unseen hands.

The Investigation of the Vermont Police Academy

The Vermont Police Academy has attracted the attention of many paranormal investigators and enthusiasts, who have tried to document and communicate with the spirits that haunt the place. Some of the most notable investigations were conducted by the Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), the Ghost Hunters Academy, and the 826 Paranormal group.

The TAPS team, led by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, visited the academy in 2008 and 2009, and aired their findings on the popular TV show Ghost Hunters. They captured several pieces of evidence, such as EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), EMF (electromagnetic field) spikes, and thermal images. They also had personal experiences, such as hearing footsteps, seeing shadows, and feeling cold breezes. They concluded that the academy was indeed haunted, and that the spirits were mostly benign and curious.

The Ghost Hunters Academy, a spin-off of Ghost Hunters, also visited the academy in 2009, and aired their investigation on the Syfy channel. The team, composed of Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and four aspiring ghost hunters, also captured EVPs, EMF spikes, and thermal images. They also had personal experiences, such as hearing whispers, seeing orbs, and feeling touched. They agreed that the academy was haunted, and that the spirits were friendly and playful.

The 826 Paranormal group, a local team of paranormal investigators, visited the academy in 2011, and posted their findings on their website and YouTube channel. They also captured EVPs, EMF spikes, and thermal images. They also had personal experiences, such as hearing noises, seeing shadows, and feeling cold spots. They confirmed that the academy was haunted, and that the spirits were active and responsive.

The Conclusion

The Vermont Police Academy is one of the most haunted places in Vermont, and perhaps in the country. The history of the place, the suffering and death of the tuberculosis patients and staff, and the paranormal activity that occurs there make it a fascinating and terrifying location. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, a law enforcement officer or a civilian, a visitor or a resident, you may encounter something that will haunt your dreams if you ever set foot in the academy.

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