The Story Behind This Haunted School in Maryland is Terrifying

Maryland is a state with a rich and diverse history, but also a state with many dark and mysterious secrets. One of these secrets is the abandoned campus of The Tome School, a former boys’ school that was once a prestigious and elite institution, but now lies in ruins, haunted by the ghosts of its past.

The Tome School: A Brief History

The Tome School was founded in 1894 by Jacob Tome, a millionaire and philanthropist who wanted to provide a quality education for boys from all backgrounds. The school was located in Port Deposit, a small town on the banks of the Susquehanna River. The school accepted grades kindergarten through high school and quickly became a prominent and respected school to attend. Some students even traveled from out of town for enrollment.

Upon his death in 1898, Jacob Tome had left an endowment and instructions for expanding the campus and building several new granite buildings. The plans were carried out and The Tome School continued to thrive for several more decades. The school had a reputation for academic excellence, athletic prowess, and social prestige. The campus was also known for its beautiful architecture and scenic views of the river.

The Tome School: The Decline and Fall

Sadly, during the Great Depression, the school fell on financial hardships and was forced to close its doors in 1941. The campus was then used by the Naval Academy Preparatory School until 1950, and then by the Susquehanna Job Corps Center until 1977. After that, the campus was abandoned and left to decay.

Over the years, the campus became a target for vandalism, theft, and arson. Many of the buildings were damaged by fire, water, and weather. The windows were broken, the walls were graffitied, and the floors were littered with trash and debris. The campus also became a hotspot for urban explorers, thrill-seekers, and ghost hunters, who were drawn to the eerie and desolate atmosphere of the place.

The Tome School: The Haunting

According to many reports, the campus of The Tome School is haunted by the spirits of its former students, teachers, and staff. Some of the paranormal phenomena that have been witnessed or experienced include:

  • Voices, whispers, screams, and laughter heard in the empty halls and rooms.
  • Footsteps, knocks, bangs, and crashes heard from the floors above or below.
  • Shadows, orbs, mists, and apparitions seen in the dark corners and windows.
  • Cold spots, temperature drops, and breezes felt in the closed and sealed buildings.
  • Electronic devices malfunctioning, batteries draining, and cameras failing.
  • Feelings of being watched, followed, touched, or pushed by unseen forces.

Some of the most haunted buildings on campus are Morrill Hall, the only college building that survived the Fire of 1912, and the Rossborough Inn, which is allegedly haunted by “Miss Betty”, its Civil War-era manager. These buildings have been investigated by several paranormal groups, such as the Maryland Paranormal Research and the Maryland Society of Ghost Hunters, who have captured evidence of ghostly activity, such as EVPs, EMF readings, and photos.


The Tome School is a fascinating and tragic example of how a place of learning and hope can become a place of ruin and horror. The campus is a reminder of the glory and the misery of the past, and the mystery and the terror of the present. The campus is also a challenge for those who dare to explore it, and a warning for those who disrespect it. The campus is, in short, one of the most haunted schools in Maryland, and perhaps in the country.

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