The Story Behind This Haunted Bridge in Iowa Can Disturb You

In Iowa, we hear a lot about scary places. You’ve probably heard scary stories about evil houses and ghosts that won’t go away. A story about an evil-covered bridge might be a little more strange. It looks like we have one right here in Iowa! The covered bridges in Madison County are known all over the world. Such beautiful scenes were used as inspiration for the movie “The Bridges of Madison County.” On the other hand, one of those bridges has a darker past that you might not know about.

People say that the Roseman Covered Bridge in Winterset is a hub for supernatural behavior. This place doesn’t look like it’s very special. It’s easy to see why you might think it looks like any other covered bridge in Iowa. Old, yes; lovely, yes; and charming, yes. Scary, though?

Yes, a lot of strange things have been said to have happened on this bridge. Some visitors have said they could hear guys yelling or laughing loudly. Many years have passed since wagon wheels would regularly roll across the bridge, but some people say they can still hear them crossing the floor of the bridge. Even in the middle of the bridge, there’s an oddly cold spot where people have seen ghosts.

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Strange things have also been said to happen to people walking their dogs over the bridge. It will look like the dog can see something because the back of its neck will get hairy. Some dogs will get scared and not want to cross the bridge. Could they know something that we can’t? If you believe the stories, the bridge has been the site of at least two scary events.

One is about love that isn’t allowed. The story says that a young couple in love was doomed because the woman’s father didn’t like the relationship. The young man came to see his love one night, but her father and friends were there to greet him.

The group went after the young man, but he turned his horse around and ran away from them. The angry people who were after him said they saw him ride his horse under the bridge, but only the horse came out the other end.

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The story goes that a man got out of the Madison County Jail and was being chased by the sheriff’s crew when he went over the bridge. They went to both ends of the bridge to catch him as he crossed it.

At that very moment, the people watching heard a horrifying scream coming from the escaped prisoner. They looked into it inside the bridge, but he wasn’t there. He seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

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