The Story Behind the Most Haunted NJ Road in America

Many of you may be on the prowl for thrilling haunted attractions now that the Halloween season has arrived. Haunted hayrides, haunted houses, and haunted trails are just a few of the options for Halloween fun. However, have you ever traveled a path that was known to be haunted? SIXT reports that there has been a 126% increase in searches for “haunted roads” during the past month.

Super cool, huh? Well, SIXT has compiled a list of the 10 scariest highways in America based on data from TikTok. Two of the most haunted highways in the country are located in the Garden State, two of which are in New Jersey.

What is the Story of the Haunted NJ Road?

According to TikTok, West Milford’s Clinton Road is the most haunted street in the United States. There is a connection between the road and Ghost Boy Bridge. The 107 roadside ghost sightings on TikTok have been seen 8.7 million times.

On one of the bridges over Clinton Brook, a small child was slain when he reached down to pick up a quarter he noticed on the ground and was struck and killed by a passing car, according to local legend. It is said that the ghost child can be found hanging out under a bridge, where he retrieves coins that passers-by have dropped into the water. Rumor has it that he will push you into the sea to save your life if you bend over to pick up the change from the ground.

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