The Richest Town in Michigan has been Revealed

Michigan boasts a vibrant history, diverse culture, and stunning natural landscapes. The state is also home to some of the wealthiest cities in the United States, particularly in the suburbs of Detroit and Grand Rapids. Among these affluent locales, Barton Hills stands out as Michigan’s wealthiest town, based on the latest census data.

What is Barton Hills?

Nestled within Ann Arbor Charter Township, just 4 miles northwest of downtown Ann Arbor, Barton Hills is a petite village with a population of only 316 residents. Despite its small size, Barton Hills occupies 0.7 square miles, primarily taken up by the Barton Hills Country Club—a private golf course and social club.

Wealth Status of Barton Hills

Barton Hills ranks as the richest town in Michigan by various metrics. According to the Census Bureau, its median household income exceeds $250,000, marking it in the highest income category reported. Moreover, the mean household income, averaging all incomes, reaches an impressive $421,909—the highest mean income in the state and among the highest in the nation.

The village also boasts a remarkably high median home value of $1,382,783, surpassing the state average by more than six times. Some of Barton Hills’ residences are valued in the millions, featuring expansive lots, luxurious amenities, and picturesque views of the Huron River.

Additionally, Barton Hills residents pay substantial property taxes, reflecting both their affluence and the exceptional public services they receive. The median property tax paid in Barton Hills exceeds $10,000, which is more than four times the state average of $2,378.

Factors Behind Barton Hills’ Wealth

Barton Hills’ opulence can be attributed to several factors. Proximity to Ann Arbor, a major economic, educational, and cultural hub in Michigan, is a significant advantage. Ann Arbor is renowned for housing the University of Michigan, a world-class public university and prominent research institution, along with a diverse array of entertainment, dining, shopping, and recreational options.

Furthermore, Barton Hills offers a tranquil and private environment, complete with its own police and fire departments, water and sewer systems, and strict zoning regulations, limiting new developments. Surrounded by natural beauty, including the Huron River, Barton Pond, and Bird Hills Nature Area, the village provides a serene atmosphere for its residents.

Additionally, Barton Hills’ prestige and influence attract some of Michigan’s most successful individuals, including former governors, senators, judges, and business leaders. The village fosters a strong sense of community and tradition, with many residents being members of the Barton Hills Country Club, an esteemed establishment founded in 1919 that hosts various social and sporting events.


In summary, Barton Hills stands as Michigan’s wealthiest town, characterized by its affluence, exclusivity, and proximity to Ann Arbor. With its high income levels, substantial property values, and picturesque surroundings, Barton Hills remains a highly sought-after residential destination, epitomizing the essence of luxury in Michigan.

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