Here We Discovered the Poorest City in California

The cheapest municipality in California is situated amidst a variety of economically disadvantaged communities. To determine the magnitude of this city’s difficulties, it is necessary to draw comparisons to analogous regions. As of the most recent data, the five poorest cities in California are detailed below, along with additional metrics including unemployment rates and median household incomes. Keep in mind that more than a quarter of all California residents reside in conditions below or around the poverty line, which may come as a surprise to some of you.

Here is the Poorest City in California

In 1888, the modest and diminutive city of Huron was established. Situated within Fresno County, the urban area of the city is a mere 1.6 square miles. As of the time of the 2000 Census, it had the highest percentage of Hispanic and Latino inhabitants in the United States, although more recent data cannot confirm whether this remains accurate. However, Huron’s status as the poorest city in California is due to a confluence of factors, including elevated levels of poverty and unemployment, and a meager median income.

Considering that the average household income in the state is approximately $79K annually, Huron’s meager average of $31,000 pales in contrast. Statistically speaking, it is sixty percent below the statewide mean. Nevertheless, this does not imply that the inhabitants of Huron are dissatisfied with their modest way of life. Situated within a fifty-minute drive of the urban center of Fresno, this region is teeming with diligent inhabitants and is dominated by agriculture. These individuals are proud of their residence, which requires no additional embellishments.

Where is Huron in California?

It is possible to reach Huron, California, from the city of Fresno with no more than a hop, skip, and leap. It is situated in the San Joaquin Valley region of Northern California, within Fresno County. A picturesque locale to pass through en route to another major metropolis, it is modest in size and brimming with agricultural landscapes.

Although the city lacks significant local attractions and tourist destinations, its location in the center grants access to other, more vibrant regions. Nonetheless, a visit to Huron may afford you the opportunity to sample the region’s plethora of exceptional Hispanic restaurants, meander through the local community park, and gain a deeper appreciation for agricultural life.

What is the Poverty Rate in Huron?

Insufficient median incomes frequently coincide with elevated poverty rates. Huron has a poverty rate of 41.3%, which accounts for nearly half of the local population. However, keep in mind that a city of this size almost certainly also has a low cost of living. The fact that the inhabitants of Huron are objectively destitute does not inherently imply that they face difficulties in acquiring fundamental necessities. Nevertheless, considering that the statewide poverty rate in California stands at 11.7% in 2021, Huron’s rate remains considerably higher.


The cheapest municipality in California, Huron, is situated in economically disadvantaged communities. Despite having the highest percentage of Hispanic and Latino inhabitants in the US, Huron’s poverty rate of 41.3% is significantly higher than the state average of 11.7% in 2021. Despite this, the city’s low cost of living and proximity to Fresno make it a desirable destination for those seeking a more vibrant lifestyle.

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