The PBA Missouri Classic Will Be Named After Pete Weber in 2024

Everything in professional bowling has been changed by Pete Weber’s fame and personal life. He is an important part of the PBA’s past, and the 2024 season will not be the same without him. The fourth title event of the season will be held in Weber’s home state of Missouri. It will be called the PBA Pete Weber Missouri Classic.

“I think having a tournament named after you is the best honor in the world,” Weber said. “I think this is on par with the fifth U.S. Open and the second Triple Crown.” “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” There is a competition named after my dad, Dick Weber,” Pete said next. “It’s hard to say what you feel when you get awards like Earl Anthony, Carmen Salvino, and even the Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year award.

Without a doubt, Pete Weber is one of the best players the PBA Tour has ever seen. Besides himself, no one else has won the Triple Crown twice. He is also the fastest player to win 10 and 20 PBA Tour titles. He held the crowd’s attention like no other player had before or since.

Tom Clark, Commissioner of the PBA Tour, said, “Pete is the most interesting bowler the sport has ever seen.” “He once told me, “I don’t want anyone to change the channel when I bowl on TV.” It wasn’t done. You had to watch whether you liked him or not.

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“Many people think of Pete in terms of his usual antics on the lanes, but for me, it’s his classic bowling skill that brings him so close to the spirit of the game and is mesmerizing,” Clark said. “The tournament will be even more special because it has his name on it.”

He grew up in Florissant, a neighborhood of St. Louis, where his PBA Hall of Famer father ran a bowling alley. It was on those Missouri lanes that the amazing story of Pete Weber began. Pete said that as a teenager, he bowled against and beat the PBA stars of the 1970s in practice games for just a soda and the honor of being able to say he beat them.

By playing in those games and many other tournaments around the area, Pete built up the unwavering confidence that led him to join the PBA when he was 17. Pete’s strong faith helped him win 37 PBA Tour titles, seven more than his father Dick and fourth all-time. His drive helped him win 10 major titles, which tied him with Earl Anthony for second place all-time.

When someone was so brave that they won a record five U.S. Opens, they used the most famous line in bowling history. Even after fifty years, Pete’s faith hasn’t gone away. He had a question for the tournament’s commissioner as soon as he heard that it would be named after him.

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“Okay, may I bowl?”

He said, “It’s pretty cool to be able to win your own tournament.” “I could win, you never know.” I likely wouldn’t bowl if I didn’t think I had a chance to win. Enterprise Park Lanes in Springfield, Mo., is where the PBA Pete Weber Missouri Classic will take place. Springfield is about 3.5 hours southwest of Weber’s home town.

Weber said that his family has known Steve Wiemer and his family for all of his life. Steve Wiemer is the owner of Enterprise Park Lanes. He said it was an honor to have the event at the Wiemer’s center named after him.

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