The One Connecticut Town That is Still Stuck in the 1960’s

Should the fact that there is a Dollar General in Morris, Connecticut surprise me? It doesn’t really bother me, but it does. Is there still someone out there who is against corporations? Is there a town or city in Connecticut that still feels like the 1960s?

Do you notice that the farther north you go in Connecticut, the further back in time you feel? In Connecticut, all the changes to infrastructure have been made along the 95/84/91 corridor. If you go 20 miles away from any of those interstates, you’ll find peace. Woodbury is a town that hasn’t changed much and still has that vibe. Soulbury, Charcoal Chef, a salt cave, New Morning Market, and Dottie’s, which has the best old-fashioned donuts in town are all here. Woodbury has always been proud of its independence by not having any drive-thru restaurants, national chain restaurants, or anything else like that.

American Cities Stuck in the 1960s from alotfinance doesn’t have any members from Connecticut. However, Northampton, Massachusetts, Portland, Maine, Ithaca (but not Woodstock, New York), and Brattleboro and Burlington, Vermont are all close by.

What about Collinsville? The Washington Depot? Is Portland? Any of those three should be on the list if you want a real “Untouched since the 1960s” vibe. The Beacon Falls? Kent? What is Litchfield? They look the same today as they did fifty years ago. In Connecticut, it’s a real badge of honor to stay away from the national chains and to say no to dollar shops and urban living centers built on top of old factories.

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