The Most Rich City in South Carolina, Can You Guess?

Which cities and towns in South Carolina have the most money? In South Carolina, there is a lot of money, but there is one area that really shines. Forbes recently did a study to find the wealthiest places in the state of South Carolina. To do this, they looked at more than 400 towns in South Carolina, also known as census-designated places. Four things were used to rank the cities: the median household income, the mean household income, the median home value, and the median property taxes paid.

Which places made the cut? All five of the top spots were in the same part of the state. Even though I don’t want to give away the surprise just yet, I will say that it’s near the coast. Below, you’ll find more information about each of the five South Carolina cities and towns that Forbes says are the richest in 2023. You can also find information about the top 50 places near Charlotte.

Have some extra cash to share? If you live in any of these places or cities, please let me know. Want to know more about something?

Kiawah Island

  • Total  Household: 1,028
  • Median Household Income: $216,750
  • Mean Household Income: $366,392

The most wealthy city in South Carolina is that of Kiawah Island, which is a vacation town. This island has a resort, golf fields, and the ocean. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

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Sullivan’s Island

  • Total Households: 832
  • Median Household Income: $157,743
  • Mean Household Income: $259,204

At number two on this list, Sullivan’s Island is not too far away. It’s just outside of Charleston. Another beach town where people make a lot of money.

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DeBordieu Colony

  • Total Households: 364
  • Median Household Income: $212,574
  • Mean Household Income: $233,460

In the Georgetown, SC area, DeBordieu Colony is one of the oldest beach towns on the East Coast.

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