The Most Haunted Place in Massachusetts You Won't Visit Alone

One of the oldest towns in the United States is in Massachusetts. It was founded in 1620, but people have probably lived in the area for a lot longer. Many places in the state have been the site of wars, diseases, killings, and other horrible things over the years. Some people think that horrible crimes or people who die with unfinished business will still be around after they die. Find the most haunted places in Massachusetts and learn more about them, like where they are and why they’re haunted.

Let’s See the Most Haunted Places in Massachusetts

1. Lizzie Borden House

Last but not least, the Lizzie Borden House is one of the scariest places in Massachusetts. In 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were both killed with a hatchet in this famous house. Andrew Borden’s daughter Lizzie was put on trial, but she was found not guilty. Since 1996, the house has been a bed and breakfast.

Experts in the supernatural say that the ghosts of the two people who were killed haunt the house. A lot of people want to stay in the room where Abby Borden was killed. There are ghosts in some of these places in Massachusetts. Because this state has a long past, it makes sense that some places are thought to be haunted by the many deaths and events that have happened there.

2. Old Burying Point Cemetery

Another great place in Massachusetts where people say they can see ghosts is the Old Burying Point Cemetery. It’s in Salem, like the other places on this list. Because so many different kinds of people are buried at the Old Burying Point Cemetery, ghost hunters love to visit.

Some people who died in the Salem Witch Trials are buried in the Old Burying Point Cemetery. Many soldiers from the Revolutionary War are also buried there. This cemetery is also where Judge John Hathorne, an important judge during the Salem Witch Trials, is buried. This cemetery is haunted by many ghosts, including the judges.

3. Clinton Tunnel

The Clinton Tunnel in Clinton, Massachusetts, is an old train tunnel that is no longer used. There are ghosts in this place more than anywhere else in Massachusetts. People who go through this tunnel say it feels much longer than its length of 1,110 feet. As people walk through the tunnel, they say they hear voices, see light orbs, hear strange noises, and other weird things.

4. Proctor’s Ledge, Salem

Everyone knows that Salem, Massachusetts will be on the list. Because of the Salem Witch Trials, it’s one of the most famous places in the country. Nineteen people were hanged during this time of chaos, false charges, and religious zeal. In the past, experts thought that Gallows Hill was where the hangings happened. But new information makes Proctor’s Ledge a much more likely place where the hangings happened. People who were put to death during the trials were buried close or later moved. The people who were on trial still haunt this area.


Massachusetts, founded in 1620, is known for its haunted places. The Lizzie Borden House, a bed and breakfast haunted by the ghosts of Andrew and Abby Borden, is a popular haunted location. The Old Burying Point Cemetery in Salem is haunted by many people buried there, including those from the Salem Witch Trials. The Clinton Tunnel in Clinton is also haunted by ghosts, and Proctor’s Ledge in Salem is believed to be the site of the hangings.

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