The Most Expat-friendly City in the United States is Among the Worst in the Globe

New York City is one of the worst places in the world to live as a refugee, but people who want to start a new life abroad still want to move there.

The latest report from the online community Internations, which polled over 12,000 people from 172 countries or territories around the world, put New York as the 39th best city in the world for foreigners in terms of social, financial, and job factors.

The study says that New York City’s drop from 16th place in 2022 to 23rd place is “one of the most significant falls in expat eyes.” This is partly because a lot more people are saying they don’t like the high cost of living. About 27% of expats around the world say their disposable household income is not enough to live a comfortable life, while 34% of expats in New York say the same thing. Also, 34% of expats are unhappy with their financial position, compared to 22% of expats around the world.

When it comes to personal finances, New York is just ahead of Vancouver in last place. The largest city in the U.S., which was named third for working abroad in 2022, has also become less popular as a place to work in the past year. This year, expats in New York are especially unhappy with their job security and the balance between work and life.

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Even though it has problems, New York is a famous place for newcomers to move to. This year, Paris (41st), London (42nd), and Berlin (45th) are three of the ten worst places for expats.

“One big problem with cities is that expats can’t afford to live there anymore,” says Malte Zeeck, CEO and co-founder of Internations. “What might seem strange at first has to do with the fact that living costs are going up, quality of life is going down, work conditions are getting worse, and it’s getting harder to make friends in those big cities.”

It’s not all bad, though. New York has the best parks, museums, restaurants, historical sites, and other cultural draws, making it the best city for fun.

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The overall Expat Insider rankings are based on how expats feel about five main areas: quality of life (such as leisure options), ease of settling in (such as how easy it is to make friends), working abroad (including what factors affect work-life balance), personal finances (which look at the cost of living), and “expat essentials” (which look at things like how easy it is to get a visa or open a bank account). Spain’s Malaga, Alicante, and Valencia are the top three best towns in the world for expats.

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