The Most Creepiest Place in California That Will Scare You at Night

California has a lot of places where both professional and amateur ghost hunters can visit to talk to the dead. If you don’t accept any of that, many of these places are still interesting to see because they have history.

The Most Creepiest Place in California

1. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

People who stay at the fancy hotel might see rich and famous people, living or dead. There are rumors that Marilyn Monroe’s ghost sometimes hangs out at the fancy hotel. Amuse said that a room worker said they saw Monroe’s face while cleaning the suite she stayed in. Some people have said they heard trumpet music coming from suite 928, which is where star Montgomery Clift used to practice before he died in 1966.

2. The Queen Mary, Long Beach

The Queen Mary, an old trans-Atlantic ship that can be seen from Long Beach’s Shoreline Village, may have ghosts living on board. From 1936 to 1967, the ship was in service and hosted wealthy people for most of that time. Not long ago, it was changed into a place for events and a neighborhood attraction.

The site used to host a number of events with a ghost theme. Guests used to be able to go on haunted walks of the ship on Halloween or stay in stateroom B340 for an overnight scare, but those activities have been limited since the pandemic.

3. Hotel del Coronado, San Diego

Kate Morgan stayed at the Hotel del Coronado in 1892 and never left. It took five days for the 24-year-old to get a visitor. Morgan killed herself when the unknown guest didn’t show up.

A report from the Hotel says that people who have stayed in Morgan’s old room have seen flickering lights, things moving on their own, sudden changes in the room temperature, and strange noises and sounds. Paranormal researchers say that they have used high-tech tools to record supernatural behavior in the room.

Even so, or maybe because of that, that room is said to be the most-requested in the hotel. The last days of Kate Morgan are written about in the book “Beautiful Stranger: The Ghost of Kate Morgan and the Hotel del Coronado.”


California offers numerous haunted places for both professional and amateur ghost hunters. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles is known for attracting rich and famous people, while the Queen Mary in Long Beach has ghosts on board. The Hotel del Coronado in San Diego is haunted by Kate Morgan’s 1892 stay and her mysterious death.

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