The Most Creepiest City in Maryland that You Will Fear of

“The most haunted city in Maryland” is what Frederick, Maryland has been called, and for good reason. The city’s long and interesting past is full of stories about soldiers, famous people who lived there, and events that changed the course of our country’s history.

These people and events have left their marks on Frederick in many ways. And for those who believe, the “City of Clustered Spires” might be home to more than a few ghosts and spirits. Let’s check out some well-known “haunts” in Frederick, MD.

A lot of strange things happened at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. There are often strange sounds in parts of the building where no one is working. This is because the museum used to be an adventure business, so it makes sense. The museum opened in 1996, and since then, workers, volunteers, and visitors have said that strange things have happened in the 1830s building.

Every October, the museum holds ghost walks that go deep into the history of the building and tell some of the scariest stories about ghosts that have been seen or heard there. There is a display about Dr. Richard Burr at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. He was an embalmer in the Civil War and worked in this historic building after the Battle of Antietam in 1862.

Frederick’s City Hall is another place with a long and sometimes troubled past. In 1765, almost seven years before the Boston Tea Party, people in Frederick burned effigies of British leaders here to protest the Stamp Act.

The current building was built as the Frederick County Courthouse in 1862, after the 1861 fire at the old courthouse for unknown reasons. When a new county courthouse was built nearby in 1985, this building became Frederick’s City Hall.

Taking a ghost walk through historic Downtown Frederick is a great way to see all of these places and many more of Frederick’s creepiest spots. Master storytellers dressed in clothes from Frederick’s past lead tourists through the city’s dark streets and alleyways in search of the infamous, the unknown, and the unexplained. The stories are a mix of historical facts and well-documented paranormal stories.

People who are politically aware and defiant, heroes from the Revolutionary War, soldiers calling out from the Civil War, and many other things will be found by guests. Don’t miss this chance to go on a fun tour of cool and historic Frederick.

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