The Illinois state government houses hundreds of migrants in Chicago hotels

According to a release from Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office, the Illinois state government has deployed additional resources to assist migrants by giving around 30 hotel rooms to individuals in need of accommodation.

In response to a recent wave of asylum-seeking arrivals from Texas, and at the request of Chicago, Pritzker indicated that the state is temporarily offering hotel rooms to safely shelter families.

He went on to say that it comes after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott allegedly transported an “unprecedented number” of migrants to Illinois in recent days with little cooperation or previous notification.

The state made around 30 hotel rooms accessible Saturday night, with the remaining hotel rooms for up to 200 individuals becoming available Sunday.“IDHS [Illinois Department of Human Services] continues to welcome our new neighbors with support services and assistance with work-permit applications, which will ultimately hasten their journey to self-sufficiency,” stated Dulce Quintero, secretary-designate of IDHS.

The Illinois state government houses hundreds of migrants in Chicago hotels

Officials stated that money for the hotels will come from an additional $160 million committed by Pritzker in November to handle the ongoing humanitarian situation caused by the entrance of over 30,000 asylum seekers from the United States’ southern border. According to the state, fewer people have been sleeping outside police stations since Pritzker announced the additional funds last month.

According to the city, there are 14,554 residents in 27 operational shelters and 312 total awaiting placement as of Sunday, with 17 persons waiting at CPD districts.

There are also 295 individuals waiting at O’Hare airport, according to the city. According to city officials, six buses came on Saturday and four more are scheduled to arrive on Sunday.

The office of Pritzker was not immediately available for comment.

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