The "Highlands Moms" want Venezuelan refugees Christmas opportunities

As more migrants arrive in Colorado from Venezuela, one woman says she wants to make sure they have a Merry Christmas because of everything they’ve been through.

“Jesus was a baby in a manger that was given to him when they were on the road traveling,” said Kane.

This Christmas, she and a small army of Highlands moms chose to heed the season’s call. They’ve decided to organize a Christmas party for the Venezuelan refugees who are staying in the makeshift camp on Speer Boulevard and Zuni Street.

“We’re just good-hearted citizens who wanted to do something special,” Kane remarked. “Everybody deserves basic human rights.”

She claims that these refugees are not in Colorado searching for a handout.

“Venezuela is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis; people are unable to provide for their families.”

The "Highlands Moms" want Venezuelan refugees Christmas opportunities

“People are starving and living in poverty,” Kane remarked. “They want to pay their taxes.” They want to support their families.”But she claims that’s impossible right now. You must have temporary protected status in order to work.

“If you want to apply for temporary protected status, you must pay a $500 fee to obtain a work permit.” However, you cannot work if you do not have T.P.S. So it’s a never-ending loop, and they’re locked in it,” Kane explained.

She is urging people to fund these refugees so that they can contribute to our societies.

“You see all these eateries here on Larimer Street with signs saying they need workers. They need people to pick up dishes, you know. I mean, there are so many open positions that we can’t fill them all. “These people would jump at the chance,” Kane added. If you are unable to do so, she suggests contacting your legislators and requesting assistance.

“Whatever stance you take, they are here,” he replied. “Ask for TPS and for work permit fees to be reduced or taken down to zero.”

She and the Highlands moms will be concerned with brightening their holidays: “For Christmas night, everybody deserves a little cheer.”

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