The Haunted Story Behind the Resurrection Cemetery - Chicago is So Much Horrible

Between Resurrection Cemetery and St. James-Sag Church, southwest of Chicago, Archer Avenue winds through forests, lakes, and several graveyards, each with its own scary story. But the story of Resurrection Mary is the most well-known miraculous story. Mary from Chicago, who hitched a ride, is one of the most famous “vanishing hitchhikers” in history. One of the scariest roads to stay away from on Halloween is the one that leads to Resurrection Cemetery.

Mary’s ghost is a teenage girl who chooses to stay up late one night. The driver who hit her and then drove away was never found. Mary’s parents were very sad when she died, so they buried her in Resurrection Cemetery in the dress she wore to the ball.

Since 1939, people leaving the Willowbrook Ballroom have said they saw a woman dressed in white standing on the side of the road. If a passing driver picks her up, the calm girl doesn’t say a word the whole ride until the car goes by the Resurrection Cemetery and she’s gone. Mary gets out of the car sometimes. In a popular story, she burned her hands on the cemetery gates, which can still be seen today.

There are different versions of the story of the hitchhiker who disappears, but they all end the same way: Mary just disappears. Resurrection Mary is one of the most famous American ghost stories of all time, so it doesn’t get much stranger than that for a Halloween game. The story goes that Mary is still looking for the person who killed her and didn’t stop.

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