road rage incident outside of a Bristol Township McDonald's

Daniel S. Dietrich, 45, of Palmyra, was given a term of 12 to 24 years in prison for killing Jason Smith on February 5. The police say that Dietrich and Smith were in a “driving incident” about a mile before they got to the 7700 Bristol Pike McDonald’s.

Police say that Dietrich blocked Smith’s way into the parking lot with his truck. Surveillance video from the restaurant showed Smith’s Nissan pulling into the McDonald’s parking lot from the Haines Road entrance. Shortly after, Dietrich pulled his truck up next to Smith’s car on the right side and then stopped in the entranceway, blocking the way for other traffic, the DA’s Office wrote after Dietrich was arrested in March.

“Dietrich manoeuvred his truck in front of Smith, blocking Smith’s possible forward motion,” the prosecutors said. “He then backed into a parking spot so that the front of his truck is angled toward the north side of the parking lot and away from where he entered the McDonald’s parking lot.”

Prosecutors think Smith got out of his car at that point and got a hammer from the trunk. Authorities say that as Smith got close to Dietrich’s truck, Dietrich made a sharp left turn and ran over Smith.

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Dietrich did not “stop, slow down, or call for help” after hitting Smith and running him over, according to police. Instead, he ran north on Route 13. Attorneys for the state said he was also driving while his license was suspended.

The DA’s Office said that Dietrich, of Palmyra, pleaded guilty on November 29 to voluntary murder, accidents that killed or hurt someone, and other related charges. To receive free news updates from Daily Voice Bucks,

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