The Alabama Wendy City is Famous for its Funny Signs

A lot of fast food chain signs are pretty ordinary. But the funny and sometimes strange signs in front of the Albertville, Alabama Wendy’s can make you look twice, and they probably have many times.

Russell Johnson, who made the signs and is the general manager of the Albertville Wendy’s, said that he got the idea to put them up during the pandemic in 2020. He thought that, at the very least, it would make people laugh, and at the very best, it would help the restaurant stay open during these uncertain times.

Johnson said, “No business knew if they were going to stay open, so I told them we’d do everything we could to stay open.” “I started making signs, which is something they would normally not let you do. I was just trying to make people laugh, make everyone feel better, and make myself feel better too.” I just thought it would be fun to be as silly as we could be because it was a strange time.

Since then, Johnson’s funny and sometimes crazy messages have been written on more than 100 signs in front of the fast food business. Politics, sports game results, and making fun of other restaurants in the area, as well as the restaurant’s own menu items, have all been talked about. Johnson has also promoted local businesses and people in the neighborhood with the sign. Many people look forward to reading Wendy’s signs these days, but that wasn’t always the case in the beginning.

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“Nothing like that had been seen before.” That’s what they’re used to seeing. A while back, people would complain about it, but now they don’t because they know our hearts are in the right place. We make fun of ourselves and other places, and everyone now gets it. A lot of people are really into it now.

Johnson said that he tries not to place signs on the spur of the moment so that he can make sure the words are perfect. He usually has ten ideas for the sign he’s thinking about at any given time. However, no sign goes up without his assistant boss, Victoria Grimes, giving the go-ahead.

He said, “She’s a lot younger than me, but you won’t believe it; she will tell me straight out, ‘That can’t go up.'” She saved my job. Without her, I might have been fired. She checks them out, and I only post them when we both agree. Johnson said he doesn’t even remember what the first sign he put up said, but he did say which one was his best.

“Willie Nelson turned 90 today,” it said. Jones said, “We now sell Frosty’s by the pot to keep our customers alive longer.” “I played around with that sign for six months, but Victoria kept telling me no until I got that play on words.”

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