Texas teen goes missing a day before she was set to give birth at hospital

A pregnant teenager from Texas, Savanah Nicole Soto, who is a week overdue, has mysteriously disappeared just before her scheduled labor induction, as reported.

The 18-year-old was last seen at her apartment complex a day before she was supposed to go to the hospital for induction.

According to KHOU, her mom, Gloria Cordova, mentioned that Soto never arrived at the hospital. This sudden disappearance surprised her mother, who shared that her daughter was very excited to become a mom. The Leon Valley Police Department issued a missing person alert for Soto on Monday.

Cordova expressed her confusion, saying, “We don’t even know what happened. They said it could be anything.” Despite trying to contact Soto, there has been no response. Her boyfriend is also not answering calls.

Described as a 5’1” woman weighing 115 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes, Soto has sparked concern among family and friends. Social media posts indicate that they are actively searching for her.

Cordova took to Facebook, sharing, “My daughter is missing she was scheduled to be induced at 6:30 pm and never showed up. If you see her please reach out to me and lmk where you saw her. I’m worried about her safety she is with her boyfriend who is no good.” She added a plea for prayers for her daughter.

As of now, The Leon Valley Police Department has not responded to requests for additional information.

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