Texas Tech and Consolidated Nuclear Security Are Working Together on a National Security Project

Consolidated Nuclear Security just recently announced its partnership with Texas Tech University. The two schools will work together to find solutions to national security problems. On Friday, Texas Tech students can attend an event at the Innovation Hub. Officials say that the new project “uses synergies between the Texas Tech Innovation Hub and Pantex to create tools, technologies, and essential skills for national and nuclear security.”

Officials say that the initiative will be good for everyone because it will give Texas Tech students and faculty the chance to “support real-world national security missions” and give Pantex access to talent, expertise, and research development facilities.

“Texas Tech University is very proud of its long history of working with CNS,” said Dr. Joseph Heppert, vice president for research and innovation at Texas Tech University. “TTU has been recognized across the country many times for the high quality and success of our graduates in all fields of study.” The university and CNS now have a stronger relationship, which means we can work together to inspire the next generation of innovators through competitions and strategic initiatives.

With its new partnership with Texas Tech, CNS set the following goals:

  • Synergy and collaboration: combining Texas Tech University and Pantex’s wide range of skills and knowledge to come up with new ideas and solve important problems;
  • Innovative problem-solving: using new ways of thinking to deal with threats to national security and find fresh chances for technology transfer and commercialization;
  • Workforce development means getting students, faculty, and community members to find and connect with potential employees or partners for future jobs.
  • The exchange of industry-specific problems and academic knowledge is made easier through knowledge transfer. This helps both academia and industry grow.
  • Community engagement: Making the connections between the Pantex neighborhood, Texas Tech University, and the neighborhoods of Amarillo and Lubbock stronger.

“The stronger partnership between Pantex and Texas Tech University is mutually beneficial because it will lead to even more new ideas and benefits for both,” said Colby Yeary, Site Manager at Pantex. Through this partnership, Pantex employees will learn about the newest technologies, processes, and innovators that can help our site. At the same time, Red Raiders will learn more about Pantex and have more chances to find job opportunities that may fit their professional goals and skills. It’s a textbook example of a situation where everyone wins.

It was also announced by CNS that Pantex and Texas Tech Innovation Hub is open for business. Texas Tech students are welcome to join the Pantex Innovation Challenge on Friday. It will be a chance for students interested in STEM fields to find and work on solutions for the “vital mission of ensuring national security” and to network with professionals in the field, according to CNS.

The top three to five teams will also have the chance to win $7,000 in cash prizes and move on to the Innovation Hub iLaunch Competition Pantex Track, where they can try for a $5,000 prize.

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