Texas Charming Small Town is the Most Underrated Place for One Day Fun Trip

It’s always nice to get away from the big city life to a small town. Even though some are more well-known than others, they all deserve all the attention. Website for consumer trends Cheapism just put together a list of the places in each state that they think are the most underrated. For the Lone Star State, they chose a small city outside of Austin.

Wimberley, TX is a quiet little town in the Texas Hill Country. It’s not too far from either San Antonio or the state capitol. You can do a lot here in one day, from shopping at secondhand shops and restaurants to hiking and other outdoor activities.

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If Wimberley had to be known for just one thing, it would be Blue Hole Regional Park, a natural diving hole with the most amazing views. You can swim, tube, and get a tan all in the same trip. The famous and bright blue Jacob’s Well Well is close by. It’s the best place in Texas to get amazing swimming hole Instagrams that your friends will love.

In the town in Central Texas, there is also a place to zip line. With Wimberley Zipline Adventures, you can fly through the air over the rolling hills and see the most beautiful views of nature.

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In town, there are lots of cute buildings with shops and restaurants that you can check out. People who aren’t as daring can just chill out all day while they jump into rivers or go zip-lining. Wimberley is a great place to spend the day whether you want to find adventure or just relax.

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