Texas captures thousands of migrants in 'historic action,' ‘We've moved beyond chaos’

A top Texas police officer told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that the state is taking matters into its own hands to confront increased illegal immigration, with migrants being arrested at the border.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a new bill on Monday that gives police the right to arrest unlawful border crossers. Gov. Abbott stated during the signing ceremony that the purpose of Senate Bill 4 was to “stop the tidal wave of illegal entry into Texas.”

Once detained, migrants can either consent to a judge’s order to leave the country or face misdemeanor charges of illegal entrance. Migrants who fail to comply may be arrested again on more serious felony charges.

Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety said Abbott is taking the “fight to the federal government” and standing up for residents and law enforcement with a “historic action.” He chatted with broadcaster Lawrence Jones after over 4,000 migrants were apprehended on Monday.

Texas captures thousands of migrants in 'historic action,' ‘We've moved beyond chaos’

“This isn’t your typical border situation.” I believe we have passed the point of no return, and the situation has deteriorated significantly. “The federal government’s deliberate inaction to secure our border,” he added.

According to Olivarez, mass illegal immigration is a sort of criminal trespassing, and the new legislation holds individuals liable for illegally crossing the border. The new statute, he claims, allows officials “broader authority” to use the criminal trespass charge.

Former interim ICE Director Tom Homan claimed on “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday that the Biden administration hasn’t “done a single thing” to stem the tide of migrants, forcing Texas to step in.

“This isn’t ineptitude and mismanagement. It’s intentional. “(Biden) ran on open borders,” Homan stated.

“You have to give him credit.” He’s maintained his word. I applaud Governor Abbott. We must defend this country. How many people removed from the terrorism watch list have been apprehended? This is a historic figure. Governor Abbott is attempting to safeguard Texas while also protecting the country.”

Texas captures thousands of migrants in 'historic action,' ‘We've moved beyond chaos’

With over 2.4 million migrant interactions at the border, the fiscal year 2023 has set new milestones.

September had a record number of encounters at the southern border, while October witnessed a record number of encounters border-wide, with more than 240,000 encounters.

Funding for increased border resources has stagnated in recent weeks as Republicans demand that it be accompanied by restrictions on asylum and the use of parole — a demand that some Democrats have rejected.

According to Fox News contributor Bill Melugin, the influx has reached a “jaw-dropping” level, with one Texas border guard calling it “the worst day we’ve ever seen.”

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