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Teens continue to fight on city streets

Teens continue to fight on city streets

PUCKHKEEPSIE At about 3:05 p.m., city police responded to complaints of numerous students fighting at 10 South White Street. A large number of the young people were found to be enrolled in the nearby middle and high schools in Poughkeepsie. About twenty-five children were involved in a physical brawl or were watching from a distance.

The kids fought until the cops got out of their cars, at which time they ran away from the scene when more police units arrived. The dismissal bells for the middle and high schools sound at 2:50 and 2:40, respectively. Physical altercations on or around school property have a history of occurring in the thirty minutes following the bell.

Just last week, just after school let out, there was a big brawl outside Poughkeepsie High School that prompted the call of police. A 16-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy were transported to the juvenile section of the police department after the brawl, where they were charged with multiple offenses.

Many of the teenagers involved in the fight on February 5 were also involved in the brawl on January 30, according to sources who spoke to Mid-Hudson News on the scene on Monday.

Following Monday’s altercation, no young people were taken into custody by the police.

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