Home News Teen struck and killed by train near Port Jervis

Teen struck and killed by train near Port Jervis

Teen struck and killed by train near Port Jervis

DEER PARK TOWN On Monday morning, a 16-year-old student at Delaware Valley High School in Pennsylvania was killed in a rural area of the Town of Deerpark after being hit by a train.

The kid was killed on Monday, January 22, at around 10:30 a.m., when NJ Transit Train #NJ43 struck him approximately 1.5 miles east of the Port Jervis train station, according to the Metropolitan Transit Authority. On the Port Jervis Line, NJ Transit runs Metro-North Railroad service.

Many concerns regarding the teen’s unexpected death remain unsolved. Riley Krick of Milford, PA was identified by the MTA and confirmed via formal school notice, internet communications, and social media posts.

Numerous social media messages highlight the widespread anguish that the death of the Milford kid has caused. Krick’s death is described in the content as being abrupt, totally unexpected, and causing pain for his close friends, classmates, church, youth, school, and community groups.

When contacted via phone, Krick’s pastor described the adolescent as being close to his loving family and those around him, as well as athletic, intelligent, musical, and involved in his school, church, and neighborhood.

It’s both mysterious and tragic. As much as we know people, a lot of their innermost sentiments and ideas are really hidden, according to Rev. Niels Nielsen, the pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. They are a lovely, close-knit family, and I don’t want to oversell them. This is simply a terrible mystery and tragedy.

Nielsen claimed that regardless of how wonderful things seem, he and Krick’s family emphasize the importance of giving loved ones your whole attention.

For those in need of assistance, DVSD, Nielsen, and others have provided grief counseling and other options.

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