Suspect in the Ramaswamy death threat has been charged with threatening Christie

A New Hampshire man charged with threatening to kill Vivek Ramaswamy and his supporters at a campaign event has been indicted by a federal grand jury with additional counts for threatening the lives of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, another unnamed presidential candidate, and others, according to an indictment filed on Wednesday.

Authorities say Tyler Anderson, 30, of Dover, now faces three counts of conveying threats for texting death threats to three presidential candidates campaigning in New Hampshire. In late November and early December, the SMS messages were issued on three separate occasions. Mr. Ramaswamy received the most recent series of texts on December 8.

On Thursday, Karl Rickett, a spokesperson for the Christie campaign, confirmed that Mr. Christie would be the subject of the second episode, which would air on December 6. According to an F.B.I. affidavit, the texts aimed at Mr. Christie were discovered on Mr. Anderson’s phone.

Suspect in the Ramaswamy death threat has been charged with threatening Christie

According to the affidavit, Mr. Anderson was arrested on December 9 after federal officials tracked text messages threatening Mr. Ramaswamy to his phone and home location. During his detention, his phone was taken, and messages addressed to Mr. Ramaswamy and Mr. Christie were discovered on it. During Mr. Anderson’s arrest, firearms were also seized.

The affidavit further mentioned that Mr. Anderson admitted to sending threatening communications to Mr. Ramaswamy and other presidential candidates in an interview with an F.B.I. agent after his arrest. The texts, images of which were included in court filings, threatened to kill Mr. Christie and others during a campaign event in a “mass shooting.” Officials removed information from the photographs that would have identified Mr. Christie as the intended victim.

The Christie campaign had refused to clarify whether it had been targeted by the threats, but in a statement this month, the campaign commended law enforcement officials for “moving quickly to address these threats.”

Mr. Anderson was released on the condition that he avoid communication with presidential candidates and their campaigns on December 14. His arraignment is set for January 5.

Suspect in the Ramaswamy death threat has been charged with threatening Christie

According to the indictment, in the first instance, on Nov. 22, Mr. Anderson sent a series of text messages threatening to “impale” and “disembowel” an unnamed presidential candidate.

Federal authorities said Mr. Anderson sent more text messages on Dec. 8 threatening to harm a third presidential contender — later identified as Mr. Ramaswamy — and participants of a campaign event in Portsmouth. Those SMS, which were sent in response to an automated marketing message, hinted that the threat would be carried out with a firearm. Mr. Christie’s threats were also issued in response to an automated campaign message.

The texts were reported to local police by a Ramaswamy campaign staff member, and the F.B.I. conducted the investigation that resulted in Mr. Anderson’s detention.

Each of the three offenses carries a maximum punishment of five years in jail, three years of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine.

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