Survey Finds Three California Freeways Among ‘Most Loathed Highways’ in United States

SAN DIEGO, California – Brake lights, honking horns, and cars fighting to the very end of merge lanes are all things that people who drive in California are used to.

Everyone who lives in the Golden State is used to traffic jams. A recent poll found that three roads in California are among the “most hated highways in America.” This may be why.

Gunther Volvo Cars Daytona Beach polled 3,000 drivers across the U.S. in October 2023 to find out which roads they hated the most. They then made a list of the top 100 most hated roads.

For some reason, this poll shows that the three worst highways in the country are all in California. Here’s how those scores are broken down:

1. California U.S. Route 101

When drivers think about going on California’s 101 road, they must cringe. It’s in first place. This highway’s traffic is always heavy, which makes it difficult to drive and causes delays. This is especially true in places with lots of people, like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“The traffic pace can slow down to speeds slower than the average person’s walking pace,” the car dealer said. “This is especially noticeable when there are a lot of people traveling at once.”

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2. California Interstate 5

It goes from San Diego all the way to Oregon, which is the length of the state of California. This highway is not desired because it is always being worked on, and there is the dreaded “rush hour.”

The car dealer said that the L.A. stretch was the worst for drivers because it “epitomizes commuter frustration.” People said that this area was “a standing misnomer” because of how bad the traffic was near major intersections like the East LA and 110 interchanges.

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3. California Interstate 405

It is known as “the San Diego Freeway” or I-405 in some places, especially in the Los Angeles area, for being one of the most crowded roads in the country. Most of the time, this is especially true on holiday travel days.

The car salesman said that the I-405 “cuts its way through the heart of Los Angeles, becoming famous as a symbol of gridlock nightmare.” The “L.A. commute” makes drivers think of traffic jams and tough decisions.

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