Internet's Favorite Small Indiana City by Former Urbanites

Families have been moving from big cities to Carmel, Indiana, which is a smaller town. The Wall Street Journal told the stories of three families who moved from big cities like Los Angeles and Austin to a small city in Indiana.

“I used to think I couldn’t live without Los Angeles,” Joe Molina, who used to live in California, told WSJ. “But I’ve only been back there three times since I moved here.” “I no longer feel like I need it.” Each family pointed out that the city is often listed as one of the “Best Places to Live” because it is affordable, has a strong economy, and is a nice place to live.

Melody and Jeremiah McKay said they liked how family-friendly Carmel was and how well-rated the schools were. They have four kids. They bought a four-bedroom, about 3,800-square-foot Colonial in Carmel in the summer for just over $500,000. This was less than what they paid for their old, bigger California house.

“We needed to expand where we wanted to live to get everything we wanted for our family,” said Melody McKay. Molina also liked how his new $4,500-square-foot house in Carmel was more affordable than his old 3,000-square-foot home in L.A., which cost $1.65 million. Molina said, “I couldn’t believe how big these houses are.” “I got more space for almost two-thirds of the price.” “What is there not to like?”

According to the World Population Review, there are 102,571 people living in Carmel now, which is about four times as many as there were in 1990. The median sale price of a home has also gone up to $550,000, and more houses are being sold for $900,000 or more than they were in 2020. Many people are moving to Carmel because Jim Brainard, who has been mayor of the city since 1996, is focusing more on making the once “soulless” city more alive again.

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“Since World War II, American cities have been built in a very different way than cities have been built in any other time period.” A lot of the time, they are soulless and cruel standards that were made for cars instead of people. Brainard told Fox News Digital, “Our city has taken the opposite approach and focused on building beautiful places for people.

We’ve focused on good architecture, beautiful architecture, and places where people from all walks of life and opinions can meet and get to know each other.” “Because of this, our city is very competitive,” he said. Because we don’t have any mountains, beaches, or nice weather for half the year, we need to focus on building things to stay competitive.

He hired publicist Rob DeRocker in 2010 to help promote the city’s new projects, which have since made Carmel’s reputation soar. Brainard has said, though, that Carmel’s rise to fame is completely natural and has nothing to do with anything else.

“During the late fall and during Christmas, all the houses are decorated,” said Molina. “It looks like something out of a Jimmy Stewart movie.”

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