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Sunset Lake staff write legislators with concerns

Sunset Lake staff write legislators with concerns

MONTICELLO: Members of the Sullivan County Legislature heard a letter written by numerous employees of the county’s nursing facility, the Care Center at Sunset Lake, during their Thursday Health & Human Services Committee Meeting. Because they were afraid of reprisals, the staff members who sent the letter requested anonymity. They detailed the deplorable conditions and low staffing levels in the county-owned institution.

After years of financial difficulties that resulted in the nursing home running at a deficit of around $1 million per month, according to county officials, Infinite Care Management was chosen in February 2021 to run the institution. Members of the previous legislature made the choice to employ an operator, and a number of candidates running for office in the current legislature promised to remove Infinite Care from its facility management duties and turn the care center back over to the county for full operation.

Staff expressed concerns about staffing numbers and mentioned that weekends are the worst times for shortages in a letter to legislators. They also mentioned that there was uncertainty around scheduling, saying that some workers would not show up for work or return calls, while others would be scheduled but not know they were expected to report for duty. According to the personnel, these issues have caused gaps in the residents’ care at the facility.

The disparities between the public and private workforces, who share operational responsibilities for the facility, that the county employees perceive as problematic were another issue they raised. They specifically highlight the disparities between the two workforces’ management styles and urge the legislature to step in.

The letter concluded by expressing worry about the residents’ medical treatment. Workers for the county claim that there should be a correction made because diagnostic tests like x-rays and lab work take a long time to do.

The letter concluded, “There are more issues, but we would be here all day.”

Legislator Cat Scott, who also acts as the committee chairwoman, responded by stating that she would like to see a thorough audit of the institution carried out. Concern regarding the facility was also voiced by other committee members, and more discussion on the subject is planned.

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