Home Community Sullivan 180 to host upcoming trainings on vaping prevention

Sullivan 180 to host upcoming trainings on vaping prevention

Sullivan 180 to host upcoming trainings on vaping prevention

LIBERTY: To help people become facilitators of the research-based CATCH My Breath Youth Vaping Prevention Program, Sullivan 180 will be conducting two training sessions. The trainings will be held at the CVI Building in Liberty on February 16 and March 15 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. In order to lead this program with young people in school and after-school settings as well as neighborhood youth organizations, Sullivan 180 is looking for volunteers, youth workers, and school personnel who are passionate about community health.

The Mid-Hudson Regional Community Health Needs Assessment indicates that the smoking rates in Sullivan County are the highest in the Hudson Valley. In New York State, the average age of a newly diagnosed smoker is thirteen. According to the CATCH My Breath pilot research, approximately 45% of students would not use an e-cigarette in a given year if the program was executed as planned. The main objective of CATCH My Breath is to stop students from starting to use e-cigarettes. It is made to assist students in the following ways:

  • Discover that non-use of e-cigarettes is the norm for adolescents
  • Identify reasons why young people might start using e-cigarettes
  • Recognize the subtle, and not so subtle, messages in e-cigarette advertising
  • Practice skills for resisting peer pressure and advertising pressure to use e-cigarettes
  • Decide on their personal reasons not to use e-cigarettes and set goals for future non-use

One Boys & Girls Club participant suggested this training after finishing it because [they] are very informative and simple to understand. It helps [teachers] have a better knowledge of the young people’s potential perspectives on vaping. Attend this training, a Fallsburg Central School District nurse wrote. The information is useful and crucial to know.

The full curriculum, which is designed to help young people in grades 5 through 12, will be freely accessible to trained adults. This program is recognized to lower the likelihood that young people may develop a lifelong addiction to nicotine. Thanks to a contract with Sullivan BOCES, educators who complete this training will obtain CTLEs. The Tobacco Free Action Communities Reality Check Program and Catholic Charities, two of the partner organizations, will also be available to offer schools extra resources and support.

By contacting Nicole Blais, the Sullivan 180 Prevention Coordinator, at 845-295-2684 [email protected], you must register for this course.

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