Study Says that Pennsylvania City Has Great People if You Want to Date Someone

This is the time of year when many people want to find a partner. It could be all the sweet Hallmark movies that get into our lives. Or maybe it’s just seeing all of your family and friends together at events. The holidays are a great time to find love, or at least try to. So, if you’re in Pennsylvania, keep in mind that a new study says one city is full of great people.

That’s where they say, “When it comes to dating, the things that make you unique can sometimes be the deciding factors in whether a connection grows or dies.” Things that make something different from others can quickly turn a good idea into a raging fire or a pile of ashes.

Let’s look at some big red flags before we get to our area. This study says that the three biggest date red flags in the United States are: “doesn’t ask you to get to know them, is on the phone all the time, and talks about their ex.” That last one is really big. It means they are still interested in you after your breakup. It surprises me that they “don’t ask get-to-know-you questions,” since I don’t like it when people ask too many questions at first.

In America, racism comes in second place for things that break deals. Being self-centered, not respecting limits, not wanting same-sex friends, and being high-maintenance are some other things that can break the deal. I might have been charged with the second one, but I’m going to use the fifth.

So far, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the place with the most nice people. It’s the sixth-best in the US. Seattle, Washington, is the worst city on the list, and Boston, Massachusetts, is the best.

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If you’re seeing someone you like, you might want to invite them to your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. But that might also scare them. Someone asked me to come to a holiday dinner after we went out together just once. Even if I liked that person, it seemed like a big step, so it made me a little uneasy. If you do want to invite your new love to a family holiday event, make sure you talk to them about it first and give them the chance to say no.

If you’re just starting to date someone, don’t give them too many gifts for Christmas. “Oh, he likes the Packers!” I’m going to buy everything I can find that has Packers on it!” Do not do it. If you haven’t been together for long, don’t give too many gifts at once. Otherwise, you might look crazy.

To show your new partner you care, you should get them something for the holidays. But, as was already said, don’t do too much. This holiday season, a small gift that means something to them probably won’t scare them away.

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