Study Reveals the Most Surprising Sinful City in Louisiana State

For all the pure naughtiness that happens in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, you’d think it would be the most evil city in Louisiana, but it’s not! In the eyes of, it’s not bad New Orleans or “Ratchet City,” also known as Shreveport. Baton Rouge is the 13th most evil city in the country and the most sinful city in Louisiana for 2023. Oh no! What does that mean for the rest of Louisiana’s cities and towns?

Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie. We’re still not sure why Baton Rouge is worse than New Orleans. study finds that New Orleans is the 19th best city in the country and Shreveport is the 54th best. It’s no surprise that Las Vegas is the most sinful place in the country. It’s called “Sin City,” so that shouldn’t be a surprise. came to their conclusion by comparing a number of important indicators for 2023, such as crime, fraud, smoking, laziness, vanity, lust, greed, excess and vices, jealousy, anger, hate, and more.

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It seems like there is a church on every corner in Shreveport. But there are also plenty of bars, casinos, crime scenes, and other things to do. How do we rate when it comes to “sinfulness”? Let’s check it out!

For “anger and hatred,” Shreveport came in at number 60. For jealousy, it was number 49. For “excesses and vices,” it was number 19. For lust, it was number 82. For greed, it was number 142. We’re not greedy, right? Those are some very scary facts. Even more so when you consider that Shreveport was ranked 63rd on the list of the most sinful towns in 2018.

New Orleans and Baton Rouge have something good to be happy about. It’s a lot better now than it was in 2018. The places came in at number 6 and number 11 on the list.

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What’s going on? Gambling and drinking too much booze are very bad for us. Yeah, that shouldn’t be a surprise in a state that shuts down for Lenten! I don’t think that the rise in crime helps us either. Don’t forget to go to church on Sunday after having a great time on Saturday night!

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