New York City Consumes the Most Cannabis in the World

There is no higher city in the world than New York City. There’s a good chance that’s what a new study says because it found that New Yorkers smoke 62.3 metric tons of weed every year.

The 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index says that New York place is the world’s biggest cannabis-using place because so much weed is smoked, vaped, and eaten there.

Even though marijuana use has only been allowed in New York City since 2021, it has been pretty much accepted for a long time. After that, a lot of pot shops opened up in the city without licenses, but legal outlets have been slow to open.

The numbers from the study show that New Yorkers really want weed, even though the prices aren’t great in the city. In the city, a gram of weed costs about $12.5, which makes it the fourth most expensive in the U.S.

The study found that Washington, D.C., is the most expensive city in the country at $19.10 per square foot. Though that is pricey, it’s not as much as Tokyo’s world-record $33.80 per gram.

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