Study Finds that Oklahoma has the Most Bed Bug Problems in the US

People generally think that bed bugs take a break during the winter. However, a new study disagrees with this idea and shows that bed bugs are still a problem even in the winter. It doesn’t seem to bother these tough pests when the weather changes, according to experts. Oklahoma is the state with the most bed bugs.

As the true start of winter approaches, a study released today by PureCare’s health experts has found a worrying trend. PureCare created a “Bed Bug Search Score” by looking at Google search data from all 50 states. This score shows how bad the bed bug problem is in each state. With an amazing score of 99/100, Oklahoma is now the state in the country with the worst bed bug problem. Some nearby states, like Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas, are also very high on this scary list.

Ranking of the worst states for bed bugs

  • Oklahoma: 99.1
  • West Virginia: 91.2
  • Kansas: 81.6
  • Kentucky: 78.2
  • Indiana: 76.5
  • Arkansas: 76.4
  • Missouri: 73.2
  • South Dakota: 72.5
  • Ohio: 70.3
  • South Carolina: 68.2

People in Oklahoma have noticed that bed bugs are becoming more common. The Animal Education website says that Oklahoma is one of the states that has a lot of problems with pests, especially bed bugs. The problem with bed bugs is made even clearer by a new article on the site that talks about how popular the bugs are in the state.

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Bed Bugs’ Resilience

People search the internet a lot more about bed bugs in the summer, but the bugs don’t care about the seasons. Because they are so tough, bed bugs can survive the changing seasons, even the cold winter months. Cooler temperatures or less access to blood may make them take longer to grow, but since heating systems inside homes keep the air warm all the time, bed bugs stay alive by feeding on blood.

The problem with bed bugs is not just in Oklahoma; it’s a problem all over the United States. Rorie Hansen, owner and service manager of Bug-A-Way Pest Control in southwest Missouri, says that the problem of bed bugs has gotten worse since people have been traveling more over the last ten years.

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