Study Finds Georgia City as the Best City for Singles to Live in the U.S.

What are some things that you think about when choosing a city to live in? Are you looking for the most popular city to live in, one that has lots of jobs, a low cost of living, and a good quality of life? You might be looking for a place that is growing quickly and is great for businesses and artists. If money is important to you, you might look for the place with the lowest prices. Maybe getting great health care is the most important thing. Maybe you want to find a place that is good for people with disabilities. Which towns are the best for single people?

If you put a lot of value on your dating life, then meeting someone—for a season or for life—could change the place you choose. If that’s the case, good news: There is a new study that lists the best U.S. cities for dating. Read this to learn more.

“Find your fresh start” is the slogan of the real estate company Zumper, which looked at 100 U.S. towns with single people in mind. The percentage of single people, one-bedroom rental prices, median income for people who are not married, number of entertainment and dining choices per person, happiness in dating, unemployment rates, and general cost of living were all looked at. This is what they found.

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The study says that Atlanta, Georgia, is the best place for single people to live. 57% of people in Atlanta, Georgia, are single. This city also got top marks for dating happiness, income, city size, unemployment rate, and ease of access to entertainment. Here’s more about the best things about Atlanta.

Atlanta was ranked No. 5 in terms of the number of entertainment choices per person. This includes nightlife, museums, concert halls, shows, exhibits, and more. They were also second in terms of how many places were per person. Their restaurant and nightlife scene is very active, so there are lots of chances for fun date nights that go beyond the norm.

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It costs more to live and rent in Atlanta than in other places on Zumper’s list. However, the median income for people who are not families in Atlanta is $71,069, which is more than the national average. The most recent income report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average pay for a single person in the United States is $56,420.

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