Home News State Conservative Chairman holds roundtable in Orange County

State Conservative Chairman holds roundtable in Orange County

State Conservative Chairman holds roundtable in Orange County

Campbell Hall Longtime political operative and Brooklyn native Gerard Kassar, the chairman of the Conservative Party of New York, is well-known for his candor.

During a roundtable with party members on Thursday afternoon, Kassar’s sentiments were evident. Alison Esposito, a candidate for Congress from New York State, Grace White, the chairwoman of the Orange County Conservative Committee, and Tom LaPolla, a candidate for State Assembly (District 99), joined him on the dais. The Conservative and Republican parties have endorsed Esposito and LaPolla.

A New York jury was deliberating on former President Donald Trump’s historic hush money trial when Kassar landed in Orange County. Trump was ultimately found guilty of all 34 felonies.

Less than two weeks ago, Kassar claimed to have been in the courtroom beside Trump.

Kassar claimed the judge had shown a great deal of prejudice. In my opinion, there has never been a compelling case provided to support the conviction of (Trump). Politically speaking, Americans are fed up with this farce whether of whether he is found guilty of a crime, there is a deadlock on the jury, or he is exonerated. Though no one would wish to take this path, he is growing stronger.

Even still, Kassar continued to project that the now-convicted Trump, who is competing against Joe Biden, would win in November.

According to Kassar, “I believe he’s competitive in states that no one thought he would be competitive in.” I’ve spent time with him and attended his rallies. This goes beyond Trump alone. The Biden administration is unsettling people going forward.

Timothy Mitts, a candidate running for the 42nd State Senate District, which is presently controlled by Democratic State Senator James Skoufis of Cornwall, was targeted by Kassar and the party. Mitts submitted Conservative petitions in April to run against Republican and Conservative candidate Dorey Houle of Monroe in a primary election scheduled for June 25. On February 14, Mitts switched from being a Republican to a Conservative party member.

According to White, Timothy Mitts switched parties because it was the last day to do so. It was nonsense when he told me it was for God and his nation. (Mitts) insisted that we withdraw our support for Dorey. He basically appeared out of nowhere, therefore I have no idea where he stands on any subjects.

When contacted by phone, Mitts said, “It seems like I pose a threat,” in response to the jabs. You would not be making the extra effort to condemn me if I weren’t a threat to the ballot.

The panel answered questions from the media and Orange County Conservative Party members during the roughly 45-minute discussion.

Esposito declared, “It’s more than exciting that Jerry Kassar came here to support us today.” There’s a sense that everybody is in, and Jerry has been in from the beginning. It emphasizes how serious the problems that affect New York State and all Americans are. We think that the role of the government is to safeguard the populace, and we don’t think that’s occurring at the moment.

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