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State audit critical of Garrison school district IT security

State audit critical of Garrison school district IT security

An audit by the state comptroller’s office found that ALBANY Garrison Union Free School District officials failed to create physical controls, maintain accurate and comprehensive inventory records for IT equipment, or create an IT contingency plan. They also failed to adequately secure the district’s network user accounts.

Upon inspection, state investigators discovered that district staff lacked any written protocols or guidelines to follow in the event of an unplanned IT outage or disaster. District officials now face a higher chance of failing to retrieve data and promptly restore critical activities.

Thirty-five percent (40) of the 115 enabled nonstudent network user accounts were deemed unnecessary by the audit. According to them, unused user accounts could be used to disable the network or get unauthorized access to and viewing of sensitive, private, and personal data.

The district’s inventory listing also had ten IT assets that were incorrectly listed, including nine laptops and one printer.

Important suggestions made by the state auditors consist of:

  • Develop written procedures for managing network user account access that includes disabling unnecessary network user accounts and periodically reviewing user access.
  • Maintain complete, accurate and up-to-date inventory records.
  • Develop and adopt a comprehensive written IT contingency plan, update the plan as needed and distribute it to all responsible parties.

District officials said they have started or intend to start corrective action, and they mostly agreed with the state auditor’s recommendations.

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