South Florida Mom Sentenced for Throwing, Kicking 3-year-old Kid, Caught on Camera

A South Florida mother is facing charges after a neighbor’s security camera showed her hitting her toddler son on Tuesday, including pulling him up and throwing him to the ground.

According to the police report, Yulia Storozhuk, 29, of Sunny Isles Beach, has been charged with two felony charges of child abuse. The mother was being detained in custody on a $5,000 bond.

Melissa Porro of Sunny Isles Beach told CBS News Miami’s Peter D’Oench, “This is something whether you are a parent or not, this is pure disgust.” I think it completely reprehensible for a human being, let alone this boy’s mother, to do something like this to an innocent child who cannot defend himself.”

“We have one video where she pushes the child to the ground and violently kicks this child,” Porro added. According to her, she did this because the youngster was not paying attention, and the child allegedly wanted to go to the playground, but she refused. This is an excellent example of “see something, say something.”

“That’s something we say all the time in law enforcement.” This person, this neighbor who called us about this occurrence, may not realize it, but they saved this young boy’s life. Nobody knows what would have occurred if this person had not come forward.

According to the police report, the event was reported by a neighbor who resides on the same floor of the apartment building on the 17000 block of N. Bay Road.

According to the police complaint, the neighbor shared video obtained on a Ring camera shortly after 9 p.m. on Tuesday of the lady scooping up her 3-year-old kid and throwing him to the ground before kicking the youngster at least twice.

The video shows the woman seizing the youngster and keeping him down to the ground while he tries to get up, as per police complaint.

The Police investigation further stated the mother was seen in a second video pushing the youngster in the chest and knocking him down. The officer who collected the report stated that the youngster had bruising on his cheek and forehead, as well as his arm and knee.

Storozhuk told cops she pushed her son because he persisted in going to the playground and was “difficult” and “uncooperative.”

The mother told a Russian translator in bond court that she and her son moved to South Florida a year ago to escape the violence in Ukraine and that she worked as a flight attendant. In this case, the judge barred her from contacting her son.

According to the mother, this was “the only incident” in which she allowed her temper “get the better of me.” She said she had never molested her child.

Maribel Del Rio-Roberts, a clinical psychologist, spoke with CBS News Miami about this case.

“It appears that this is a parent who is overwhelmed and lacks the resources to cope with the situation and what is expected of them,” she said. This can have a severe psychological impact on a child who does not comprehend why his parent is behaving in this manner.”

She went on to say, “Sometimes we as parents need to ask for help when sometimes as parents we are overwhelmed and sometimes we need external help and a support system.”

“Another thing to think about is setting clear expectations and times when it is clear for example to go to a park,” she went on to say.

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