Some New Jersey Towns Have the Most Confusing Names in the State

New Jersey can be a tough place to live. We fight over breakfast sandwiches, don’t put gas in our own cars, and play “watch out for holes” on the Garden State Parkway. Now add town names that are sometimes hard to understand to the mix. The state is made up of 564 cities and towns. Here are some town names that are likely to confuse people for a number of reasons:


There is probably a Franklin township in a state close to where you live. Franklin Borough and Franklin Lakes are also in Franklin County. There are four Franklin Townships.


If the name Washington makes you happy, there are five townships and one city that are named after the Founding Fathers. You should be careful when picking which Washington Township to visit because there are different ones in five counties.

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North Bergen

Don’t believe the name. North Bergen is not in Bergen County; it is in Hudson County. The township is also south of Bergen, which makes things even worse.

National Park

There are 12 national parks in New Jersey, but none of them are in National Park, New Jersey. In Gloucester County, there is a town with this name.

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West New York

As its name says, West New York is right next to the Hudson River and, by extension, the city. But even though some people might think they are in New York City, the Hudson County county is actually from New Jersey.

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