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Skoufis unveils newly enacted anti-retail theft measures

WALLKILL TOWN In an effort to curb the soaring number of shoplifting incidents, the state implemented many anti-retail theft measures in the recently approved budget.

During his Friday visit to the Galleria at Crystal Run in the Town of Wallkill, Senator James Skoufis described those initiatives.

The state government must ensure that law enforcement has the resources necessary to maintain the safety of locations like the Galleria mall and that those who attempt to compromise that safety are held responsible. He said, “I’m happy to report that the state budget this year accomplished just that.”

According to municipality Police Chief Robert Hertman, organized thievery in Wallkill has increased 46% annually, and the municipality should employ all of its resources to reduce that figure.

The law has been amended to increase the maximum sentence for assaulting an employee during retail theft from one year to four years in prison. The entire amount of thefts committed by an individual at various locations can now be compiled by the district attorney, and companies can receive tax credits for installing cameras and other forms of enhanced security to discourage retail theft.

Melissa O Connor, president of the Retail Council of New York State, has approved the revisions to the statute.

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