Sikh Community Wants Police to Examine Queens Road Rage Killing as Hate Crime

The Sikh community in Queens met for an interfaith protest to condemn bigotry on Wednesday night.

This follows the death of a Sikh man in what police are calling a road rage incident. The community has now asked authorities to look into the death as a hate crime.

Members of the Sikh community were joined by government officials and interfaith leaders for a demonstration in South Richmond Hill, Queens, on Wednesday, holding posters that said “Sikh Lives Matter” and chanted “Stop the Hate…”

Jasmer Singh, 68, was mourned by the gang following his tragic demise. He was a husband and father of three who had migrated here from India in 1991.

“To feed and educate us, he worked as a construction worker…then as a cab driver.” “He ended up dying on the tarmac,” his son Subeg Singh Multani explained.

According to police, a 30-year-old man got into a violent argument with Singh last Thursday at about noon after the two wrecked on Van Wyck Expressway near 87th Avenue.

Singh was rushed to the hospital, where he died.

“He just went on a three-minute rampage on my father.” He just smacked my father on the head so hard. “His two front teeth were extracted,” Multani explained.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York earlier tweeted,

“Jasmer Singh adored his hometown and deserved so much more than his untimely death.” I want our Sikh community to know that you have more than our sympathies on behalf of all New Yorkers. You have our holy promise that we will defend you and reject the evil that stole this innocent life.”

According to police, this was not a hate crime, but rather a road rage incident. However, the family believes differently and wants to have it probed as one:

“He said Turban, man, I’m not letting you go home.” “This, Mom, is hatred in my opinion,” Multani stated.

Mani Sandhu concurs.

Cops said the 19-year-old was attacked by another rider on an MTA bus earlier this month in what cops described as an unjustified religious bigotry incident.

Since then, the suspect has been charged with a hate crime and assault. Sandhu stated that he no longer feels comfortable in his neighborhood.

“I don’t know if anyone is going to attack me again,” she stated.

The community stated that the rally’s objective is to raise awareness and unify against hatred.

“Education, education, education: let us get to the bottom of this.” We don’t just bandage it when a hate crime occurs. Making sure kids are taught from a young age so they are more accepting and do not fall into the trap of ignorance,” Japneet Singh, a community advocate, said.

Gilbert Augustin of Queens has been detained in connection with Jasmer Singh’s killing.

He is charged with manslaughter, assault, and fleeing the scene of an accident, among other things.

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